The group goes on regular camping trips and does a big day trip at the end of every season. The group has had many special guests over time drop by for a visit, either at their camps or their regular meetings at the school like Randy "Elvis" Friskie, Robbie Hess, Father Christmas, The Grinch, a couple baby lions, a Bengal tiger, a Siberian tiger, several different profess-ional wrestlers, group of teens from Cameo Canada, and many more special guests have visited the group over time. In 2003 the group made dreams comes true for most of the people in the club, by taking 25 special needs people for a four day trip to Disneyland, for most of the members including some of the volunteers the trip was had many firsts time experiences from being on an airplane to being at the Disneyland itself.

31 years ago I joined a very special Scouting group, but 10 years ago the program had a big change. We walked out from the umbrella of Scout Canada and The Abbotsford Special Adventurers, was born. In 1992 I took over the group as the head leader it had 11 Venturers and 4 leaders. In the picture below there is 63 people. I am truly blessed to have all of these folks in my life, plus the many more part time guest volunteers and 5 Board of Directors plus me. I have been to Disneyland 3 times with this group and Edmonton/Calgary too. We have dozens and dozens, weekend camps with many amazing memories and themes. Plus I can't count the many special outings and adventures we have gone on. I am proud of all of the Adventurers and Leaders from past and present, all of the many hands, sponsors that keep this group going. 

Look for something positive everyday, even if some days you have to look harder.

What We've Achieved

  • Weekend camping trips averaging 5 times a year.
  • 3 Disneyland Dream Trips.
  • 2 Leadership building Disneyland Dream Trips.
  • Trip to Edmonton and Calgary.
  • Many dreams fulfilled for our Special Adventurers.
  • Special guests have attended our program.
  • Provided special opportunities to attend games, shows and events in an arena setting. IE: Disney on Ice, Globetrotters, and WWE Events.
  • We mentor teams through their volunteering for our program.